Star T Ranch is hands down the best boarding facility I have ever experienced! I have owned horses for the past twenty years and have come to know MANY different boarding facilities along the way. Over these years, I have had the frequent misfortune of stabling my two horses at facilities that offered far less quality and often times charged much steeper prices. It has been deeply refreshing to have had my two horses in the very capable and reliable hands of both Kim and Jody Taylor. Not only do they get to know the horses and the boarders personally, they maintain a very professional and friendly environment that is so hard to cultivate at a moderately large horse training and boarding facility. 

Kim and Jody have a profound understanding of horses, both in training and in caretaking, and my only regret is that I had to leave the state for school and take my two horses with me. I have come to trust them in a way that I have never been able to trust another boarding facility owner. The horses always had water, and they had the best hay I have ever seen (and that is comparing the Star T round bales with most other coastal square bales - the difference was unbelievable!) They were always so reliable - I NEVER once had to worry that my horses were going to go without a feeding, and their prices were more reasonable than any other place I could compare them to. 

Unfortunately, I had to spend almost all of my time in grad school while I was in Fort Worth, Texas, and so it was up to Kim and Jody to take care of my horses in my absence, which they did with flawless execution, but I am thrilled to add that I was able to spend a bit of time as a student learning a little about eventing and dressage for the first time in my life. I have worked with a few other trainers with my little foundation QH, but never has anyone been able to help guide me to tap into the full potential of my little gelding the way these two could. In a matter of a few months and only a handful of exciting lessons, they were able to help turn my little troubled cowpony into a novice dressage amateur. I still marvel at the pictures of my little QH valiantly and obediently traversing some of the beginner jumps at the beautiful Willow Draw course! 

I could go on and on about how wonderful Kim and Jody are as trainers and infinitely wise horse caretakers, but above and beyond that, it has to be mentioned how great they are as compassionate friends and how they have created a family type atmosphere at Star T with a fabulous collection of great boarders. 

I'm in Colorado now with my two horses, and we're all pretty happy with the mountains and cooler temperatures, but I know that Star T Ranch is one of the only real regrets we'll have in leaving Fort Worth, Texas.

Wendi 2011
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Daniel C.
Jody Taylor did an excellent job of transporting my horses from Tulsa, OK to Louisville, KY. He was on schedule for pickup and delivery, the horses were well cared for and calm and he was most professional in terms of managing the project from initial contact through completion. I highly recommend him to anyone needing horses shipped - and his price was reasonable and very competitive. TexTaylor - Star T Ranch.
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